All Those Moments

by Same River Twice

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Recorded by Michal Rosenzweig @ RSNZWG studio, mastered by Guillaume Doussaud @ Swan Sound Studio, viol by our friend Standa

Album "All Those Moments" vyjde na jaře 2016 i na vinylu a bude k dostání za rozumný peníz u všech dobrých D.I.Y. distributorů a na našich koncertech.


released January 20, 2016




Same River Twice Brno, Czech Republic

Same River Twice is a D.I.Y. hardcore-punk band formed in 2012 in Brno (Czech Republic). Members are or were playing in many other bands.

Martin B. - bass, vocals

Iris - drums

Jiřina - guitar, vocals
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Track Name: Tax the Life
sometimes you think about
your biggest mistake was – you were born
every step is watched – and taxed
tryin to create – and upgrade
you are pushed to pay for it
led to breath in the grey
led to watch in the dust
led to sit on your own legs
no space to move inside
homeless buildings not for homeless people
free notions – ticket to the bottom
the sin is to born – the sin is to die
nobody understands these rules
but everybody writes it by gold
so why not to tax the death
while we wait for games
Track Name: Tax the Death
cold streets – burning sewers
blinding lights – creepy dark
gloomy days – deathless nights
that´s how we´ll end
that´s where we´ll burry us
hard to believe – just lying here
in a rank hole – throwing at me
putrid soil – smelling of incense
that´s how we´ll end
that´s how I will burry myself
shaking my head – how stupid I was
leave to rob me
and pay my own death
and pay my own oblivion
nad pay my own nothing
burried alive with opened eyes
Track Name: The Source
I am the source of evil and disaster
we look for the cause
although it's obvious
we don't want to admit it
trying to find the real reason elsewhere
weakness and hypocrisy inside of us
who wants to see the truth
tiled form our mistakes?
we search for the meaning of our existence
higher power that sets all in motion
there is a simple reason
destroy, burn, nothing leave behind
(at the moment
maybe mistakes and greed disappear...
while fearing the apocalypse
sad eyes in the mirror...
end this ridiculous theater
end upholding human malignancy)
Track Name: Breath
standing under fading trees – I breath
all over a strange smell – after the rain
I smell a falvor – by full lungs
I breath – I breath
I breath – breath with opened eyes
for a while – then close them unawares
don't know – what's better
to look or not – that will be the freedom
the only but – the best freedom
which can be stolen – by the prison
to breath this way, to breath at this place
no dish, no wine, even no woman kiss
is sweeter for me than the air after the rain
it doesnt't matter, it's just a small garden
when we can breath after the rain
we can still live!
Track Name: Trees
trees swaying in the wind
falling one another
rocks crumbling into dust
soil sinking to hell
the air changing to yellow haze
concrete monsters pricking holes
into the darkling sky
people left to die
left alone to sundry
we hitch rats to our triumphal car
chased by the cockroach breath
what have we done?
where is the flower we sow yesterday?
Track Name: That Wall
we say we are walking
smoothly through our lives
leaning against the wall
of human society
but what the walk is that
fi every our leg goes apart?
Our track reminds last run
of an old one leged
and where is the power
that was forming that wall?
Where is the sweat
that was wrinkling the face of bricks?
Out of breath – we are bowling down
the heavy wall – is falling on our backs
on the other side – corrupted saviors
accompanied by – rotten wings angels
we are predestined to creep
and leave the track not by walk but by our face.
Track Name: Plans
full mouths of hot air
tottering in the crowded world
say, do or forget
sick of unceasing comparison of moral qualities
we should touch the ground and feel ourselves
we should lie dowh and touch the roots
say, do or forget
plans shining while storm is coming
plans hiding when sun is shining
time passes according to its own rule
we will never have the possibility
to hit the footprints we once left