The Source

from by Same River Twice



Recorded by Michal Rosenzweig @ RSNZWG studio, mastered by Guillaume Doussaud @ Swan Sound Studio


I am the source of evil and disaster
we look for the cause
although it's obvious
we don't want to admit it
trying to find the real reason elsewhere
weakness and hypocrisy inside of us
who wants to see the truth
tiled form our mistakes?
we search for the meaning of our existence
higher power that sets all in motion
there is a simple reason
destroy, burn, nothing leave behind
(at the moment
maybe mistakes and greed disappear...
while fearing the apocalypse
sad eyes in the mirror...
end this ridiculous theater
end upholding human malignancy)


from All Those Moments, released January 20, 2016




Same River Twice Brno, Czech Republic

Same River Twice is a D.I.Y. hardcore-punk band formed in 2012 in Brno (Czech Republic). Members are or were playing in many other bands.

Martin B. - bass, vocals

Iris - drums

Jiřina - guitar, vocals
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