Recorded by Michal Rosenzweig @ RSNZWG studio, mastered by Guillaume Doussaud @ Swan Sound Studio


standing under fading trees – I breath
all over a strange smell – after the rain
I smell a falvor – by full lungs
I breath – I breath
I breath – breath with opened eyes
for a while – then close them unawares
don't know – what's better
to look or not – that will be the freedom
the only but – the best freedom
which can be stolen – by the prison
to breath this way, to breath at this place
no dish, no wine, even no woman kiss
is sweeter for me than the air after the rain
it doesnt't matter, it's just a small garden
when we can breath after the rain
we can still live!


from All Those Moments, released January 20, 2016




Same River Twice Brno, Czech Republic

Same River Twice is a D.I.Y. hardcore-punk band formed in 2012 in Brno (Czech Republic). Members are or were playing in many other bands.

Martin B. - bass, vocals

Iris - drums

Jiřina - guitar, vocals
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