Recorded by Michal Rosenzweig @ RSNZWG studio, mastered by Guillaume Doussaud @ Swan Sound Studio, viol by our friend Standa


full mouths of hot air
tottering in the crowded world
say, do or forget
sick of unceasing comparison of moral qualities
we should touch the ground and feel ourselves
we should lie dowh and touch the roots
say, do or forget
plans shining while storm is coming
plans hiding when sun is shining
time passes according to its own rule
we will never have the possibility
to hit the footprints we once left


from All Those Moments, released January 20, 2016




Same River Twice Brno, Czech Republic

Same River Twice is a D.I.Y. hardcore-punk band formed in 2012 in Brno (Czech Republic). Members are or were playing in many other bands.

Martin B. - bass, vocals

Iris - drums

Jiřina - guitar, vocals
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